Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Words On Naked Mannequins Render Them No Longer Naked?

The future of Miss Claustrophiobia, in her plaster form of representation, involves paint and words and modifications.

I have many ideas, and many notes scribbled in various notebooks, about the elements (an extremely varied and diverse set) that are to be captured on her body. These words and images and elements will all factor as components of the eclectic identity of the conceptual lady, and will help me to demonstrate the ideas about identity, insecurites, phobias, and humanity/ human life/ psychology in general that I undertook the project in order to demonstrate.

In one particular notebook that is dedicated to scribbles, ideas, and very early drafts, I have haphazardly jotted the following.


project- collage

on mannequin

"Thrill of the chase."

words to put on-

I don't need this,

But I do.

(Conflicted ideas of attraction,

based on female body)

include- clock,

house (symbols of


These words are a form of poetry, these images and scribbles a form of visual art. These are still more completed facets that lead to a larger, perpetually-incomplete work.

(I must warn once again that these words do NOT express anything near the entirety of the concept of the project, but are merely a small subset of examples of smaller concepts that accumulate to make a (ideally) far larger statement about the construction of individual human self-identity conceptions.)

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