Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ignite Poetry Magazine, round 2.

That's right, Ignite is back.

My last semester before graduating from Arizona State University's West Campus, I helped to found and served as the Managing Editor for a publication called Ignite Poetry Magazine. I am back with them as some sort of Honorary Alumni Adjunct Editor (Editor-in-Chief Chelsey Kissling says that she has a "special title" prepared for me, but I don't know what it is yet, and that frankly frightens me a bit...), and we're currently compiling our second issue. That means that we're in the process of accepting submissions of pieces of writing from the ASU community-at-large for inclusion in the journal. If you aren't aware, we're the premier and only literary journal serving the ASU community from the West Campus (a small satelite campus that is becoming a bit of an unexpected hotbed of Literary creativity within a massive circus of a University-system). We were extremely happy with the outcome of both the issue and the accompanying reading-night for the last issue (considering especially that they were our first attempts), and have pledged ourselves to making each issue progressively better than the last. Therefore, if you are a poet from the ASU community, I strongly urge you to take part in this venture by submitting pieces of your work for publication consideration.

Visit our official website for submission details and further information.

Also, stop by and read the innaugural issue of the magazine, which was released in April of this year, and is available in its entirety online in PDF form. In addition to my work helping to get the publication off of the ground, the work also includes three pieces of my own poetry published within it, including the piece from which my Doom-Rock band The Green Sea took our name.

So, stop by and read what we've done in the past, what we're currently working on, and keep your eyes peeled for what's to come very soon. I'm excited for this next issue already, and we've barely begun the editing process.

Also, visit Ignite on Myspace, and enjoy some photo's from last semester.

The commemorative packaging of our innaugural issue designed by Chelsey Kissling for our contributors.

A sampling of last semester's editorial staff.

Chelsey welcoming the crowd to last semester's release-celebration reading-night.

A photo from the reading night for the last issue's release. Poet Stephanie Weirich is reading.

Poet Jon Swearengen reads his work from the last issue while I man the soundboard.

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