Sunday, July 8, 2007

Some things I jotted down in an airport...

It never fails. As soon as I'm far enough away from an instrument, I'm suddenly, for the first time in quite a while, inspired to write music. I feel as if I could write an entire record with entirely the sounds and ideas in my head, in the time that it takes to play it. And, of course, I think that it would be damn good. As usual, though, by the time that I have a guitar in my hands, this same set of ideas will most likely be barely usable. The sound in my head is some sort of vaguely bluesy, pompously raucous, somewhat folky-feeling, indie dance rock. Whatever. I know that doesn't make sense, but that's what I want to write right now.

In similar fashion, my blog sits empty on days when my laptop sits in my lap, but as soon as I only have access to the world's slowest dial-up internet connection (yeah, dial-up still exists. I didn't know that either.), I suddenly have ideas to add what seems like eight times a day. I'm writing this, by hand, in a notebook, in an airport (among my favorite sort of places, especially in New England, so many friendly faces, and I find myself talking to absolutely everyone, because they feel more like people that I know and understand, while savoring the fact that the airport cafe serves Smuttynose, so that I have a few more moments than I expected to enjoy my favorite Old Brown Dog that I can't find in Phoenix).

I have so much running through my mind. And, for the first time in a while, I feel so genuinely, totally, alive. And I wish that I could share this all, the facets of my public, but right now, as rarely, so close to "honest", persona, online, rather than in my chicken-scratch, as the active products of my mind and the commodity that I have to offer to the public understanding.

On that note, I should probably point out, for anyone that got ahold of one of my business-cards while I was back home in New England, that my blog-spot adress (to which most of this will most likely be forwarded from here on out) is misprinted. The address, as it appears on the card, is missing an "h." If you like my writing and ideas, please visit my new blog, at This entry may likely appear in duplicate, but, in the future, that site will feature "exclusive content." Yeah. That's right. So visit, comment, and enjoy.

Thanks to everyone that I saw while I was back home... old friends, new friends, good people in general... that made me come to a few realizations about aspects of life that I had fallen into the habit of taking a bit for granted... Thanks for making me feel like myself again, thanks for helping to remind me that I'm alive.

(A more thorough post explaining the purpose for this blog will soon follow... but for some reason this struck me as an adequate way to begin. I apologize for the confusion.)