Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Swords We Swallow update.

A lot has been going on lately on the Swords We Swallow front. (for those that didn't catch past posts about this, Swords is new musical project that Sara and I have been working on.)

Our debut EP, "Bogside Beauty," is almost finished. All of the song-tracks are complete; we're planning to add some experimental noise sort of stuff, devise some creative packaging, and get a copy into your grubby hands.

We're online now in a couple of places. We have a page with audio-tracks for you to listen to on myspace. Head over, take a listen, add us to your friends. For a limited time only, you also have the opportunity to be the very first of our friends to leave us a fun comment.

Also, we have a page on Facebook. Search for us, become a fan, join or start a discussion on our board.

Here are also a couple of videos that we filmed while recording the EP. More of this sort of thing will be coming soon, including a video that we're currently devising for the song "Commodity Trader (This is NOT a bull market)" which you can take a listen to or download now at Myspace. Enjoy, stay tuned for more to come.

Swords we Swallow- Born-On-Date

Swords We Swallow- A Dandelion For Emily

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Message From Our Promotions Department...

You may have noticed, I added a new feature to my side-bar, with a very similar title to this entry.

Are you a musician, artist, or perfomer who would like to have their work reviewed? Are you looking for quotes for your press-kit? Would you like to find out what critics might think about your most recent work?

Email for questions about how to submit your work for review.

A quick perusal of my back-log will show you some examples of recent works of art that I have critiqued. If you think your art (and your promotions efforts) could benefit from such a treatment, let me know, pass the work along, and I'll give it an indepth analysis and be pretty honest about it. If you think that you (or your portfolio) could benefit from this, be in touch.

Obviously, this sort of thing benefits you at the same time that it benefits me. You get promotion, I get readership. I get readership, you get more promotion. Get it? "Readership" and "Promotion" become (and always are and were) overlapping and interchangeable terms. Who can lose?

Plus, I'm always on the look out for new and interesting art (and things to write about and wrap my head around).

Be in touch.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A bit of a personal update...

I have received my acceptances, weighed the options, narrowed the field, and eliminated some question-marks… I have decided to pursue the first phase of my graduate school education at the University of New Hampshire this fall.

I have registered for classes, and begin in Durham at the end of August, which means a relocation from Manchester (the home of Metro-grime) to the beautiful New Hampshire seacoast. Sara and I have been apartment-hunting, are coming daily closer to figuring out where to reside in the coming months, and will hopefully be moving from the Tipsy Cougar Pad into a new comfortable and creative Swords We Swallow Studios (presumably somewhere in the Dover area… we’re currently leaning toward a complex with an appropriately [if a bit cheesy] Literature-inspired name) by mid-June.

Needless to say, I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks, what with visits to campus offices, apartment-scoping, searching for a Portsmouth-area restaurant-job… but I’ve still had a couple of entries for this site in the works… one involves an update on Swords We Swallow, with a web-address, audio, release-information, and videos, which I’ve somehow still found some time to put together… and another that pertains to Lady Gaga (pop-music as post-modern performance- and identity- art).

So stay tuned.