Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Arrangements for the Pull Trouble From The Fire show...

The show is this Thursday. Like, less than 3 days away. Let's get our situations straight, make sure everyone who wants to go can, and know how we're getting it done.

As of the current moment, it looks like I still have one seat that has yet to be officially claimed in my car. We're heading down early, aiming to leave Portsmouth for Salem around 6, to spend some time in that awesome city, and not feel rushed, prior to the show. Earlier in the day, I will be in Nashua and driving through Manchester. So, if you're off from work that day, and want to tag along, be in touch.

Other than that, I know that several other people are heading down from NH, and I've heard much talk of car-pool options and available ride-situations. Be in touch, I'll put you in touch with some people, we'll make it happen. Consider this an open-thread for ride arrangements.

Also, I'm vaguely considering booking a room in Salem, as a sort of a crash-pad for the NH kids that "accidentally" drink too much to get home that night. A sort of "throw in whatever you feel" arrangement. So, if you're driving down, throw a sleeping-bag or a blanket in the car, just in case.

Either way, be there. It's not that far, and Salem is a SUPER-fun city. It's destined to be a crazy night.

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Anonymous said...

I'll be heading down from Durham, feel free to contact me if you need a lift. I don't have to be anywhere very early Friday, so I wont promise anything as far as returning that night.

- Ming