Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pull Trouble From The... OCD Diaries...

Pull Trouble From The Fire's recent teaser video has been used as a "mood music" sort of soundtrack-clip to an entry on Bill Brenner's very cool and ultra-informative blog The OCD Diaries.

Check out the entry here... and take a read, this blog is really fascinating.

Also, Mr. Brenner has issued a challenge to the band for more content, and we love challenges, so, in due time, we will be more than happy to comply.

(tangentially, I have no idea whether or not this had anything to do with the selection of the video or the issuing of this challenge, but it definitely crossed my mind while reading the blog that there might be more than a bit of common-ground between the subjects discussed there and the tone and content of Pull Trouble's songwriting...  we definitely have tended to veer, thus far, toward subject-matter that has to do with quirks of the way the human mind functions... or [more often, rather] has trouble functioning...  whether accidentally or not, then... it seems an appropriate match to me...)

(P.S.... baby-step-goals to get back into active music promo- I'm trying to get that video to hit a triple-didgit view-count by the end of the weekend, which would be {by far} the first on the Asbjorn Collective Youtube channel. Help out, share it with your friends? Please? Maybe?)

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