Monday, April 6, 2009

Swords We Swallow; Transparency in Brainstorming.

In my last post, I mentioned that, per the requests of some participants in our poll to name "Swords We Swallow," I would post the complete list of choices from which the finalists where culled. You asked for it, you got it. I'm so sorry. Chalk this up once again to part of the project of making the art-process a facet of the art itself. A bit of transparency in brainstorming.

Although only one of these names could be selected as the title of the project, we still enjoy many of them that were eliminated early for reasons of logistics... expect to see some reappear in other parts of the endeavor.

Muddle the Plan
Luck Before Wedlock
Tanner and the Make
Grant Owl’s Facktotem
Twelve Months Aristocrat
Awnt Yuke
The Pet Plagues
Archdukon Cabbanger
Last Past the Post
Old Fruit
Bogside Beauty
York’s Porker
Moonface the Murderer
Midnight Sunburst
Tight Before Teatime
You’re Welcome to Waterfood
Lobsterpot Lardling
The Ace and Deuce of Paupering
He’s None of Me Causin’
Scuttle to Cover
Salary Grab
Sleeps with Feathers and Ropes
Swayed in his Falling
Vee Was a Vindner
Born Burst Feet Foremost
Easyathic Phallusaphist
Fast in the Barrel
Boawwll’s Alocutionist
Spring Peepers
Ealaine aire san Ealaine
The Immaculate Conceptions
Whose Wings
Swords We Swallow
Old Seabeastius’ Salvation
Saith a Sawyer til a Strame
Buy Birthplace for a Bite
The Crazier Letters
Groans of a Britoness
He Never Has the Hour
Ought We to Visit Him?
Placeat Vestrae
Gettle Nettie
Thrust Him Not
Oremunds Queue Visits Amen Mart
Twenty of Chambers
Weighty Ten Beds and a Wan Ceteroom
I Led the Life
The Following Fork
Drink to Him
I Ask You to Believe I Was His Mistress
He Can Explain
Da’s a Daisy so Guimea Your Handsel Too
Tank and Bonnbtail
Huskvy Admortal
What Jumbo Made to Jalice and What Anisette to Him
Ophelia’s Culpreints
Hear Hubty Hublin
My Old Dansh
Suppotes a Ventriloquist Merries a Corpse
Look to the Lady
Of the Two Ways of Opening the Mouth
Through a Lift in the Lude
Oldsire is Dead to the World
Inn the Gleam of Waherlow
Thee Steps Forward
Two Stops Back
In My Lord’s Bed
Mum It Is All Over
He’s Hue to Me Cry
A Boob was Weeping This Mower Was Reaping
Up From the Pit of My Stomach I Swish You the White of the Mourning
Gentlehomme’s Faut Pas
See the First Book of Jealesies Pessim
The Suspended Sentence
A Pretty Brick Story for Childsize Heroes
As Lo Our Sleep
The Fokes Family Interior
Seen Aples and Thin Dyed
Fine’s Fault was no Felon
His is the House That Malt Made
Divine Views From Back to the Front
Sounds and Compliments Libiduous
Seven Wives Awake Aweek
Many-festoons For the Colleagues on the Green
As Tree is Quick and Stone is White So is My Washing Done by Night
The Honorary Mirsy Earwicker
Showing All the Unmentionability
Jaywalking Eyes
Ten Canons in the Skelterfugue

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