Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More updates...

I updated the look of the site a bit. I also updated my blogspot profile. Both were a bit outdated. Let me know what you think.

Also, as an update to the last update, Tipsy Cougar's lost song-files have been recovered, thanks to a friend of guitarist MacAlastair Ming's named Ben. We definitely appreciate it. I was a little bummed out about potentially loosing those songs, as (intentionally)unlistenable as they might be.

I updated that site a bit as well, including some new images, like this piece of photographic brillaince composed by my girlfriend/ the Cougar's synth-player, Sara Jane.

This image was actually captured (partially) during the same photo-treck that I documented with the prior entry about the Pandora sign. Many of her images of our field-trip are FAR more impressive than mine. I would definitely enjoy her work even if I weren't biased; she has a great eye.

Since I have nothing much else for this entry tonight, I guess I'll leave with a quote...

"Will whatever be written in lappish language with inbursts of Maggyer always seem semposed, black looking white and white gaurding black, in that siamixed twoa-talk used twist stern swift and jolly roger?" -James Joyce, Finnegan's Wake

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