Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Art for Sale; The Evolution of a "Gallery."

I have decided to begin offering an evolving online gallery where individuals interested in my visual-art work can peruse, and potentially even purchase, some of my recent pieces.

I've been working predominately with an assemblage medium lately. Most works are 3-dimensional (sometimes drastically-so), and thus, as all photos of the work are taken of the single front-dimension, there is some (sometimes much) detail lost in the photographs. If you'd like a closer or more detailed view, message me; all works are currently on display in the make-shift physical gallery-space that the Tipsy Cougar Pad has become in south-east-downtown Manchester, NH, unless out on loan to other local galleries, which I will note if applicable.

That's right; for the first time in a while, you (yes, YOU) can have one of my conceptual oddities hanging on YOUR very own wall! You know you want to.

This gallery will continue to evolve; I will add pieces as I finish them or decide to put them up for sale and consumption, I will take them down as sold or otherwise distributed. It appears on myspace within a designated album in my "pics" section, in an album of my Photobucket account, and the current entries will follow within this entry and in a similar one on my Myspace blog.

Many of the pieces have peculiar features that aren't evident to the photographic lense (such as being radiantly reactive under black-light, hidden layers of collage-elements that appear better when viewed by naked eye, elaborate concepts behind their composition, etc). If you have further questions about any of the pieces, even just to satiate curiosity, don't hesitate to send me a message.

"The Psychic Dancefloor." aprox. 26" X 31" X 6". assemblage & acrylic. $100

"...ain't shit but ho's and tricks." aprox. 25" X 22". assemblage & acrylic. $75

"Blues in Blip-Beep Minor, Dorian mode (The Intrinsic Seperation of 'Tools' and 'Trade')." aprox. 39" X 25" X 7". $100

"Inebriate." aprox. 10" X 8" X 1.5". collage & acrylic. $25

"Lifeblood, Kineses." aprox. 12" X 12" X 3". assemblage & acrylic. $25

To those who may wonder at this possibly seeming a bit more materialistic or opportunistic with my work than I usually seem wont to be... I'm attempting to save some extra money for grad-school-related expenses, and figured that I would give a shot at utilizing my "talents" (yes, scoffs at that word are welcome) in order to do so. So, if you're thinking that something on display might compliment your hap-hazard neo-bohemian decor-scheme, think of yourself as a sort of patron if you wish, aiding in the education of an eccentric literary scholar. I would greatly appreciate it.

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