Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ignite Poetry Magazine, Volume 2.

The second issue of Ignite Poetry Magazine (a poetry publication from Arizona State University at the West Campus) is now out!

It is available in PDF form (both readable and printable versions, as is Volume 1) at Ignite Online.

Go on over and take a read; I have a poem published in the work entitled "A Present Middle Path" (it appears on page 21, which is the centerfold in the hard-copy chap-book edition.)

This time around, I'm listed as "Honorary Editor," as I'm an alumni rather than a student, and my appearance on the editorial staff is apparently a bit dubious in terms of University technicalities... As "honorary" refers to "deserving of honor" and I'm not sure how true that is, though, I'm wondering if the title is a misprint of "Ornery Editor." I'm thinking that that appellation would have been a bit more justified.

I got my hard-copy of the book in the mail yesterday and it looks great. It features work by a handful of West-campus poets that figure among my favorites, and Editor-in-Chief Chelsey Kissling and her staff did a great job of putting it all together. Overall, I find the book to be a thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking read.

Also, while you're checking out the book, don't forget to add Ignite on Myspace.

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