Wednesday, October 17, 2007

On second thought...

I had intended to post a critical explanation of the relation between the two works of art from diverse mediums in my last post. On second thought, however, from reading back over the post that combined the two together, I feel that, to any close-reader/ observer/ critic, the point that I intend to make should be fairly apparent, and a more thorough explanation could verge on insulting to the intelligence and scholarly deduction skills of my readership.

Let me just say, then, that the painting posted is one of the two referred to in the poem, and the girl depicted next to me in the visual representation is the girl to whom the narrative perspective of the poem is directed.

This is the other painting that is referred to in the poem, still very much incomplete, sitting on an inactive easle...

I apologize for the poor quality of reproduction of the piece in the prior post; I fear that much important detail is missed by the size and detail constraints and the flash-spot of my camera reacting with the gloss of the piece. If there are elements expressed in the detail of the visual work that would help to understand what I'm attempting to say by the way of the two combined works (the collage-elements embedded into the bark of the tree, for instance) all that one would need to do is to ask.

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